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Elegant solutions to common strategic challenges is a strategic consultancy specialising in working with ambitious leaders on five key areas.

Brand Strategy

A strong brand is the greatest asset a business can have.

We can help you develop unique brand and marketing strategies to establish prime real estate in your customers' minds as well as powerful narratives for other stakeholders such as investors and financiers.

Our B2C strategies are remarkably easy to implement -- often hailed as genius due to their simplicity.

Brand Strategy
Hiring staff


Finding the right staff is one of the greatest challenges for leaders today.

We can help you build repeatable processes to recruit high-quality personnel by cutting out middle-men to reduce cost and staff turnover.

Our heuristics based approach has resulted in a 100% “hit rate” for a number of recruitment drives.

Project & Task Management

Managing critical projects can be a stressful endeavour.

We can show you the best tools and processes for managing a remote team for all types of projects and operations.

Our project and task management methodology guarantees a minimum 2x increase in team productivity with a potential of up to 5x.

Business Intelligence

High Level visibility of the business is important.

We are experts in data strategy and analysis. We can provide you with realtime business intelligence dashboards while observing data protection regulations.

Some of our clients have achieved a 10x increase in revenue as a result of our data-driven insights.

Executive Coaching

Personal growth leads to business growth.

With over 500 entrepreneurs coached worldwide since 2013, we have developed extensive experience in providing the perfect balance of mentoring and guidance to all types of personnel.

Our empathetic but robust approach to executive coaching guarantees growth in personal development for all participants.

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