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Strategic Support for Founders & CEOs

Done-for-you project management for solving key business challenges and achieving operational goals

Project Work

For most leaders, there's just never enough time to get things done and choosing between long-term objectives and day-to-day priorities is a constant battle.We can help you by taking on full responsibility for your strategic objectives while you focus on the day-to-day so that your organisation is still meeting its long-term objectives while you manage the day-to-day challenges.

Brand Strategy
Hiring staff


While our speciality is project management and making sure things get done, we can find and source the right experts with the right skills to work on your long-term and strategic objectives while fully managing the process and relationship for you

Broad Base

We can take on any and all kinds of work so long as it is of a strategic nature. No job is too big, too small or too unfamiliar. We thrive on new challenges and new ways of working and providing the best support for your organisation's longevity as best as we can

Hourly Billing

Our pricing structure is incredibly simple. We bill in 4-hour increments and are happy to observe budget caps to avoid nasty surprises

Specialists in SMEs

With all of our team members having worked with small-to-medium size organisations for the last two decaces, we understand the problems and challenges of this size of organisation best. You can rest assured that we understand how the mindset and challenges of a small business Founder or CEO differs from that of a big corporate and how that affects key decision making

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