The Outsourced HR Manager Case Study


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Lumens is an  SME that works with companies to create more energy efficiency. When they began working with Stratagem they were doing a little under a £million a year and had tried working with several other consultants who were not able to give them actual workable solutions.


Lumens'  hiring process was costly and lacked formality, making it difficult to find staff to keep up with their significant growth. In addition, they lacked an induction processes,  which caused a mis-match of expectations between staff and management. The complexity and confusion between the parties created a toxic emotional intensity in the relationship between staff and management making interactions incredibly stressful. 

Managing the staff was draining Lumen's financial resources and time, taking away from creating solutions or growing the business.


Increase staff morale, through creating unity between staff and management and develop a process to hire staff that is simple and cost effective.


Stratagem created an induction process for new hires, a staff on-boarding process if you will, in order to rectify any confusion about expectations and information required to do the job. This addressed the issue that was causing emotionally charged confrontation and was deigned to  manage expectations and trust on both sides. In addition, Stratagem encouraged Lumen's to use a 're-charging' process as a short-term solution in place of disciplinary actions to revitalize the workplace and re-establish trust with employees. All designed as a mechanism to boost morale.

Furthermore Stratagem worked with Lumens' to generate a long term hiring blueprint to find and hire the best staff for growth. This process was created taking into account all Lumen's financial and time restraints.


The processes Stratagem created for Lumens reduced hiring cost by 5 times. Furthermore, the amount of candidates applying for jobs increased by ten-fold. The strategies will also help them greatly reduce ongoing hiring cost in the future. 

The short term solutions helped decrease toxicity and increase morale in the work place and created more trust between management and staff.  These changes made staff more loyal and motivated, which has been reflected in the success of the company. 

The management team is less stressed and able to spend more time working on bigger goals. In addition the company leader's confidence has increased and they have been able to focus on larger goals because the company runs smoother. This has resulted in Lumens leading a merger with another energy consulting company.

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